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Nancy O'Neill

Classic Riding Instructor & Trainer 

Nancy's life passion is her connection to horses and sharing that experience with others. Nancy has ridden all her life but states she didn't start 'really riding'   until 1990, where she first started her career at Silver Creek Farm (New Mexico) working as a stable hand with Swedish Warmbloods.  By 1994 Nancy's drive and horsemanship lead her to taking position as Secretary for the NM Dressage & Combined Training Club and assistant to the Directors for the Region V Dressage Finals. Outside of the shows and stables, Nancy became an active member of Bernalillo County's Mounted Search & Rescue and Backcountry Horsemen. 


In 2002, Nancy moved to Washington state and became active in the Society for Creative Anachronism. She brought classical riding to historic prominence in the local kingdom by demonstrating and teaching the classical methods as presented by Xenophon, Dom Duarte, Pluvinel and still being taught today at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Outside of the SCA, Nancy taught basic riding /horsemen skills classes for youth and adults through the Skagit Valley Community College Cooperative Extension classes.


Today, Nancy with her shires, Leo and Cammie, in Kelowna , BC, Canada. 


Riders Nancy Trained Under

Dr. Max Gahwyler – Olympic judge, USDF Hall of Fame and numerous books

Hilda Gurney – 1976 Olympics (US), USDF Hall of Fame

Ulla Hudson – Winsong Icelandics & Dressage, German certified A trainer, German and US gold

medal achievement riding status

Marie Vichick, Silver Creek Farms, not a ‘name’ but she taught me the most on balanced riding.



Nancy has written many articles that are published in a variety of publications, including, Backcountry Horsemen Journal and SCA websites. Nancy's most recent article won the Arts & Sciences award titled, Classical Riding through the Middle Ages. The research paper explores horsemanship in western riding from the beginning of the Renaissance and where it has come today.

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