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Adventure of a lifetime with my daughter Janet- Forever the CanAm Knightmares!

The first day after weigh -in

After day 2 pre-race training where I got the bolting horse and took my first soil test.

Hooray for Back On Track MIPS helmets and Zoombang armor.

Janet at HS21

Some were actually, 90% were because they really did not like the girths - which were different and the bum packs.

Cattle jams happen

Janet at HS ready to go after getting back from our epic 12 hour ride back to the race from UB in a Toyota Prius. Honestly, I prefer the horses.

Janet and Bianca at HS 28. This was one of the most well appointed gers.

Mama and Janet at HS28, waiting our turn to get on and ride to the end!

I got a spook-at-everything horse, Janet got a gaited lovely stallion. When we round the corner into the end camp with the beautiful mountains and flags and people cheering - we both said, "I choose life" and went around the flags and did a stately walk in. The last leg will always be stamped in my memory as the best time spent with my daughter, doing a crazy thing that was wonderful.

Janet presented with the hadag -blue scarf representing the eternal blue sky and Airag, mares milk, representing the purity of spirit, purpose.

Yeah, that feeling.

Was not the journey we planned, but definitely a journey well worth it.

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